The digitalization has increased the availability of data, which with the use of robust AI systems, can be used to draw relevant insights and drive intelligent engagement.

FREMONT, CA: The changing digital landscape in the medical sector has spurred organizations to enhance their approach. Around 1,700 people gathered at the annual Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit in Philadelphia to confer about the potential transformation of customer engagement. The theme of the event revolved around intelligent engagement.

The emergence of precision medicine has revolutionized the industry. Of all the products approved by FDA last year, 40 percent were classified under personalized medicine, which is a significant increase from the 20 percent personalized drug approvals over the previous five years. The development of specialized treatments, however, requires relevant information to reach patients and physicians.

The quantity of information available to physicians has increased. Nevertheless, it might be challenging to separate useful insights from mere noise. According to the experts at Veeva, even if eliminating industry noise is not possible, organizations can take measures to retain only the information relevant to them. It will enable them to conduct a seamless conversation with the customers.

To achieve intelligent engagement, organizations require access to more relevant content and improved data management techniques. Veeva has strived toward this goal by integrating and coordinating data across the digital channels. The company also launched new products designed to aid organizations to achieve their engagement goals.

Veeva Andi

The AI application is designed to identify relevant customer insights and suggest the best strategies for enhanced efficiency.

Veeva CRM Approved Notes

The application aids field representatives to take down free text notes in Veeva CRM. The AI capabilities of the platform also enable them to identify potential compliance risks.

Veeva CRM Approved Messaging

It enables organizations to leverage messaging applications such as WhatsApp and WeChat to exchange compliant messages to customers through mobile devices.

Veeva Vault Auto Claims Linking

Veeva Vault PromoMats enables the organizations to enhance speed and compliance of content development. It leverages AI to suggest links from claims to relevant references, successfully reducing the administrative burden and risk of managing claims across borders, channels, and assets.

The Veeva summit opened the stage for premier life science companies and industry partners regarding their strategies to resolve the issues on data, AI, and personalization to achieve enhanced customer engagement. With the efficient utilization of AI, the vast troves of data can be converted into actionable insights, which can empower organizations to attain intelligent engagement.

Source: Pharma Tech Outlook